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Pam Nori, BA, MA, DHM

Do you have health problems that you are having trouble resolving and would like to find a natural approach?  I am a Homeopathic Practitioner  and I have treated people with emotional, mental and physical problems for 29 years with homeopathic remedies and supplements.  Many of my clients have chronic health problems so I am used to working with complex issues.   Some of the health problems have included arthritis, anxiety, acne, digestive problems, fatigue, fibromyalgia, gout, inflamation, sinus problems, skin ailments, children's ailments, women's and men's health and more. 

The Homeopathic consultations are done in person or they are conducted over the phone.   They usually last an hour.  If you would like to have more information, please contact me through the website under Contact or phone me.  I am located in Orillia Ontario, Canada 705-329-4953.  Homeopathic Health Center.  (Scroll down for more information.)

Testimony January 8, 2011

Pam has cared for our family for 12 years providing highly effective homeopathic solutions to a broad range of physical and emotional issues.  In a very caring and supportive manner, Pam has worked with us to resolve issues ranging from hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiency, behavioural issues, excessive sweating, parasitic infections, strep infection, skin rashes, intestinal issues, high cholesterol, pre-natal and post-partum physical and emotional issues.  We have found Homeopathy to be equally effective when taken as a prevention or to treat a specific ailment or condition.
Pam is a trusted friend and healthcare provider to us, and Homeopathy will continue to be a very important part of the overall healthcare plan for our family.   C.

Testimony June 2018

Dear Pam,
Thank you for recognizing that a mono infection that I had as a teenager was still in my system causing all sorts of other health problems.  Since I have been taking the homeopathic remedy that you prescribed, I no longer have kidney inflamation, migraines, skin rashes and a sore throat.  Thank you for figuring out that viruses can stay in the body causing other problems overtime.  Wow.  I feel so free.  Thank you Pam.   Laura 

Testimony Oct. 7, 2014
I have been seeing Pam since early 2014.  Pam has been treating me for menopausal symptoms, which included stiff and achy muscles, migraines, hot and cold spells and a few other issues that are associated with women who are going through the life change.  Pam has not only eliminated all of my uncomfortable issues with her remedy but has brought so much JOY to myself through her gift of healing.  I truly believe in Pam's remedies and have seen for myself the gift of healing that the Lord has given to Pam.  I am quick to recommend my friends and colleagues to Pam with no hesitation.  I know they are not only in GOOD hands but also in GOD's hands when visiting Pam for homeopathic solutions.  Sandra  

Pam Nori

Always be hopeful with regards to your health and well being. 

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