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Homeopathy Articles

"A Change of Season" Homeopathy at Home, Alive Magazine (Burnaby, B.C., March 1996); magazine version only.

"Fears, Anxieties and Phobias"  Homeopathy at Home, Alive Magazine, (Feb., 1997)

 "Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Cholera"  HubPages ( October 2014)

"Natural Treatment for Myositis in Dogs"  HubPages (January 2011)

"Natural Treatment for Macular Degeneration"  HubPages (January 2011)

"A Prayer for Healing" HubPages (January 2011)

"All is Well: Do Not Fear--Prayer" (January 2011) 

"Vaginal Yeast Infections: Natural Homeopathic Treatment (February 2011)                             

"Hypersensitivity and Allergies: Natural Homeopathic Treatment" (March 2010)

"Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Ebola" HubPages (October 2014)              

Pam has given seminars on the Basics of Homeopathy to Georgian College students and to community groups.  Feel free to call her if you would like to have her give a seminar to your group.   ph# (705)329-4953

Music Articles

 "Gregorian Chants: Sung Prayers for the Heart and Soul" (October 2014)

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