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Expect A Healing Album is Available Now 

Allow Pam's digital album of 11 songs to take you on a journey to heal your heart by bringing you deeper into God's presence and glory. Allow the lyrics to heal wounds and give you hope, courage and love.  Each song was designed to offer a healing in an area of a person's life and to usher in the Holy Spirit and Jesus' Peace.  Jesus is the Divine Healer. Open your hearts to him while you listen and Expect A Healing. 

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To hear the songs, click on "Praise and Worship Songs" on the left side of this page.  That is where the videos are located.  For a full screen viewing see Pam's utube channel: 

Listening to music can be healing.  I have created Praise and Worship songs which help bring Love, Peace, and Joy to your hearts. Some of the songs have nature sounds from Canada in the background.

The Utube videos display slides of beautiful nature photos from Canada.  The Utube videos can be used for non-profit presentations for Church services, youth and children groups, prayer groups, retreats, other ministries, and in the classroom.  The videos either have lyrics or hand gestures to follow.  Google "Utube Pam Nori" to locate all of my music videos for use. Pam is a member of SOCAN and Tunecore.  Should you have any questions, please use the Contact Me page in this website to email me or phone  705-329-4953. Thank You.

Description of the Songs

My songs range from Praise and Worship, Christian Pop, Healing, Christian  Raps,  and modern Gregorian Chants.  I created the songs to be powerful and full of love.  The lyrics are clear and strong.  Many of the songs are Christian Raps.  The raps are melodic as if I was singing them but I'm not.   Enunciation and cadence of words as if words are instruments of their own is very important to me.  The raps are accompanied by a rural or lake setting in the music videos.

My action videos convey a joyful, child-like enthusiasm which inspires my listeners.  I sing or rap my songs by simultaneously moving and dancing to the rhythms and expressing their contents through hand and body gestures.  My hand gestures and dance movements are iconically self-explanatory, simple, rhythmic and easy for the youth to follow along with. For example, the heart shape formed with my hands is a stylized representation of a real heart.  This visual relationship to its referent allows for processing of simultaneous information: auditory, visual and kinesthetic for children and youth. Above all, my fans have fun following along rapping or singing the lyrics, dancing and making hand gestures.  

Your Peace is Forever and Knowing You're There

These two Praise and Worship songs are the first two songs on the album Expect A Healing.   

Angel From Above

This song is a healing song for those who have experienced childhood problems.  Giovanni Mallia created the accompanying music.

Your Eyes Show Compassion

This song is a strong call to those who have difficult times in their lives.  The chorus "Shalom Aleichem" offers listeners peace.  "Shalom Aleichem" means "Peace Be With You."  It was a greeting that was used by Jesus and other Jews as they entered into a person's home.  In some places, the greeting is still used today.  Giovanni Mallia created the music.

My Dearest Friend

This pop song offers consolation to those who are "running" and need peace in their lives.

Come Live in the Light of Jesus 

This song is a Praise and Worship song which is softly rapped to slap guitar.... It has hand gestures and can be used for Christian groups to follow along with.  Enjoy.

Your Mercy Sets Us Free

This is one of my favourite songs!!  I love how Cecilia Waggoner sings the Alleluias. I rap the lyrics and Kimio Oki plays slap guitar. 

 Prayer For Healing

I wrote and arranged Prayer for Healing for those who have health problems.  This song is full of compassion and love.  When you listen to the song, you can feel the Holy Spirit healing through the words and the melody of the song.  Chris Jackson is the guitarist and Taylor Abram plays the keyboard. 

Morning Glory

Have you ever watched the sun rise over the water?  It is breath taking.  Giving our day over every day to our Lord is so important. 

My Precious One

This song is about our children leaving the nest.  The love we have for them is expressed in the music and lyrics.

Faithful Love

This instrumental was created to help us reflect upon God's faithful love.  It is simply heart felt.  Half way through the song, there is a melody which is repeated.  It was created to sound like the spoken words "faithful love."  You can listen for it as well as the drums that sound like a heart beat.  This song is the last song on Expect a Healing album.  Kimio Oki composed the music. 

Jesu Christe

This song is a modern Gregorian chant.  It is sung beautifully in Latin by Cecilia Waggoner and there is church acoustics in the background. Gregorian chants are healing songs.  They are love songs for our hearts and souls.  They unite our hearts with our Creator and the presence of the Holy Spirit can be felt. The song starts off as a beckoning of a mother who is calling her child home from playing outside as Mother Mary would be heard calling her son Jesu home. 

Defend the Truth 

Defend the Truth is a slow Christian rap of encouragement.  Enjoy the Canadian nature photos in the video. 

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men  is a Christian Praise and Worship song.   Cecilia Waggoner sings it beautifully.  The background ambience is  waves and a song sparrow which is soothing and also fitting to the theme of the song. 

Jesus Be With Me

Jesus Be With Me  is a Contemporary Christian slow rap.  This song is a modern day psalm rapped to drums.  Kimio Oki is the drummer.  He is a member of bands which are multiple Juno award winners. When you listen to this song, you will want to move with the music. The verses were written to offer consolation to those who are going through challenging times.  

Bring Forth Life

Bring Forth Life  is a Christian song.  Chris Jackson is the guitarist.  The official utube music video can be used by non-profit groups and church groups.   

I want to thank the following people for all the fun, laughter and hard work:  Taylor Abram, sound engineer and key boards;  Kimio Oki, drums and slap guitar;  Giovanni Mallia, sound engineer and music; Cecilia Waggoner, singer; and Chris Jackson, guitarist. Stay tuned for more songs in 2021. Subscribe to my utube channel to obtain updates during the year.

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