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Homeopathy is a complementary health care system which is based on the principle "Like cures Like."  There are approximately 2,000 homeopathic remedies in use around the world.  They are derived from either plant, mineral or biological sources.  Homeopathic remedies help stimulate the body's natural defenses and help to restore a state of health in the individual. Ailments can range from physical, emotional or mental problems.  For example:

*Arthritis                                       *Inflamation

*Acne                                            *Children's ailments 

*Digestion                                      *Women's Health 

*Emotional                                     *Men's Health 

*Fatigue                                          *Skin

*Fibro myalgia                                *Sinuses

*Insomnia                                        *More


What to Expect

The homeopathic consultation lasts for about an hour.  Pam asks questions that are homeopathic in nature.  After reviewing your health concerns, Pam will recommend homeopathic remedies and perhaps supplements.  She may also suggest life style changes.  She will then want to see you or hear from you in 3-4 weeks for a followup assessment. 



The health care systems in the United States and Canada do not always recognize "alternative" or "complementary" health care.  Pam Nori is a Homeopathic practitioner and uses natural homeopathic methods of assessment and treatment of the whole person.   Homeopathic treatment has been proven clinically.  Pam views homeopathy as a complementary health care system and recognizes the importance of people also seeing their physicians.              


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