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In the spring of 2007, Pam prayed and asked God for his help in her practice.  There were problems that neither modern medicine nor her homeopathic remedies could resolve in some of her clients.  In December of 2007 when Pam was praying in the Chapel of Adoration at  her Church, Jesus let her know that he was going to give her the "gift of sight."  She did not know what the message meant since she could already see.  Thereafter, when she attended the prayer group sessions, she saw saints and they gave her messages to give to the group.  Thank goodness the members of the group understood her visions to be a gift of the Holy Spirit because this was very startling to her to say the least. 

These visions changed her life.   When she laid her hands over people, "Our Lord" showed her problems that needed to be healed.  Thereafter, the person received a healing.  The healings are either spiritual, physical, mental or emotional. 

Pam has incorporated  this gift of healing into her practice for those who are interested.  It does not matter what religion her clients practice.  She uses a healing prayer which can be used for all.  It is not Pam who does the healing.  It is "Jesus, the divine healer" who heals through her.  She is an instrument of his compassion, love and peace. 

Our Creator is good.  Know that he loves you.  He never leaves you.  He wants to see you well.  Jesus brings us his Peace, Love and Joy.  The Holy Spirit heals through the laying on of hands of believers.

A woman with tendonitis was healed instantly.  As she drove home, the inflamation in her arm subsided.  When she reached her house, she had full movement of her arm, the pain was gone and has not returned.  Depression, anxiety, inflamation, pain and other health problems have been healed through prayer and the laying on of hands in Pam's office.  This is all the work of our Lord through the Holy Spirit.  Healing also occurs when Pam says prayers over the phone for clients.  

Sometimes more is needed.  Emotional trauma can be one of the root causes of health problems and diseases.  When this is the case, Pam asks her clients to go to the memory, feel the emotion that is attached to it and to forgive. Forgiveness from the heart and mind releases the emotions of bitterness, anger, resentment, depression and anxiety that accompany the emotional trauma. Once the client can relive the memory without having negative emotions accompany the memory, then the immune system is free from anything that binds it to restore health.  

Remember God is good! He loves you! He never leaves you!




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