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Sinus Problems and Homeopathic Treatment by Pam Nori

Posted by Pam Nori on November 26, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Sinus problems include acute and chronic sinusitis and allergenic sinusitis. The nasal sinuses become inflamed by bacteria and or viruses. Acute sinusitis can accompany colds, influenzas and respiratory infections. Chronic sinusitis may be a result of small growths, smoking, exposure to toxic fumes, or previous injuries to the nasal bones. Allergenic sinusitis can be caused by environmental allergies or food allergies.

Chronic sinus problems can be bothersome. Some people with chronic sinusitis experience nasal discharge while they are eating. Others have difficulty visiting other people’s homes where they are exposed to air fresheners, perfume and animal dander. Others have difficulty attending public places where they are exposed to perfumes, colognes and hair sprays. Others have nasal passages which are continuously plugged. There are homeopathic remedies which clear the sinuses and help heal them. I have enclosed the description of six prominent homeopathic remedies that are used to treat sinus problems.

Allium Cepa is taken from the red onion. It is used for hay fever and other sinus problems. The person feels better in open air. There are neuralgic pains, the eyes burn, and there is a sensitivity to light. The symptoms include earaches, sneezing, watery discharge, hoarseness, and a tickling in the larynx.

Arsenicum Album is derived from arsenious acid. This remedy is for those who suffer from the flu and for those who suffer from environmental allergies.. They can also experience restlessness, anxiety and fear. They are worse in open air. There is nasal watery discharge, and the nose feels stopped up. There is sneezing. The eyes burn, and the eyelids are red.

Euphrasia is derived from the eyebright herb. It is used for profuse fluent coryza. The eyes water continuously and there is burning. These symptoms can be accompanied by a headache and frequent yawning. Euphrasia is also used for flu symptoms.

Gelsemium is derived from yellow jasmine. It is for flu symptoms which include fatigue, muscle weakness, heaviness of eyelids, blurred vision, sneezing, fullness at the root of the nose, and watery discharge. There can also be a fever.

Kali Bichromicum is taken from bichromate of potash. The discharge is yellow from the nose, ears and lungs. There is an inability to breathe through the nose. There is a loss of smell, a hoarse voice, burning eyelids, and pressure and pain at the root of the nose.

Sabadilla is derived from the cevadilla seed. It is used for hay fever and other environmental allergies. There is sneezing, red eyes, and watery nasal discharge. Eyelids can be red and burn.  There is difficulty hearing and a chronic sore throat. There is an oversensitiveness to odours.

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